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We are leaders in manufacture, export, supply and stocking of washers. Our expertise in this field is due to the long experience that we have gained in this field of business.

Washers are thin plates which have a hole. The use of the washers is usually to distribute the load of a threaded fastener like a nut or screw. The use of a standard washer is mainly two. First it helps in distributing the pressure of the nut evenly on the surface so that the surface does not get damaged.

The washer ensures that the nut is pressed against a smooth surface, which will reduce the chance of gradually loosening because of the contact with an uneven surface.

The washers find applications all around in different industries starting from automobiles to the aeronautical industries.

Plain Washer Suppliers Stockist Manufacturer and Exporter

Plain Washer

Sealing Washer Suppliers Stockist Manufacturer and Exporter

Sealing Washer

Slotted Washer

Slotted Washer

Split Washer Suppliers Stockist Manufacturer and Exporter

Split Washer

Spring Washer Suppliers Stockist Manufacturer and Exporter

Spring Washer

Star Washer Suppliers Stockist Manufacturer and Exporter

Star Washer

Taper Washer Suppliers Stockist Manufacturer and Exporter

Taper Washer

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We export Washers and also we manufacture in all materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, nickel, titanium and carbon alloy in Iran, UK, USA, Singapore, UAE, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, South Africa, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Nigeria, Canada, Turkey and Netherland.