Pre Cut Shims Traders, Supplier Exporter and Manufacturer

In the World of Metal business M.P. Jain Tubing Solutions LLP is recognized to be Domestic leader in Supplier Exporter and Manufacturer of Pre Cut Shims.
Company manufacture and supply Qualitative all metal products all over the world to meet the necessities of Customers.

M.P. Jain Tubing Solutions LLP are the leading manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Pre Cut Shims With firm commitment to quality, as our organization is manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Shims Products for our clients.

We at M.P. Jain Tubing Solutions LLP, manufacture and export Pre Cut Shims with standard quality, those are certified to ensure the great quality and execution


Pre cut shims can protect all your equipments from misalignment, downtime and damage. We provide standard pre-cut shims which are free of burrs and hence safe. We have the highest line of stocked pre-cut shims in the industry. We can provide the pre cut shims and shim kits in the range of many standard and custom sizes. Our shims are cut exactly to the marked thickness. So no micrometer is required to measure their thickness.

M.P. Jain Tubing Solutions LLP Manufacture and Exports both standard and custom designed All Pre Cut Shims in a wide range of materials, including:
Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Inconel, Monel, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Carbon Steel, Laminated, Materials, Mica, Plastic And Many Other Materials

  1. State-of-art manufacturing facility
  2. Wide Product Range
  3. In House Inspection and Testing facilities
  4. Proven Track Records
  5. Good Technical expertise
  6. Having rich experience of serving various sectors
  7. Vendor approval with various EPC Contractors, End Clients and Consultants worldwide.
Seastrom standards and ANSI standards in one search.
Type B Plain Washers (ASME B 18.21.1 Edition 09-2009) are available in narrow, regular and wide series for each standard screw size.
ID – Inside dimensions from .020” to 3.00”
OD – Outside dimensions from .050” to 4.00”
Thk – Thicknesses from .010 to .134
Metallic materials available: Aluminum, Brass, Beryllium Copper, Copper, Phosphor bronze, Steel (cold rolled steel), Stainless steel 316, Stainless steel, Titanium, Carbon Steel , Mild Steel, Nimonic
Non-metallic materials available: Acetal, Fiberglass, Fibre, Kapton, Mica, Mylar, Neoprene, Nylatron, Nylon, Phenolic, Polyethylene, PTFE, PVC.

We also offer as per customers requirenent grades with all materials

Use In Hose clamps
Use In Kitchen equipment
Use In Railway
Use In Automotive components
Use In Wheel covers
Use In Truck and trailer bodies
Use In Conveyor belts
Use In Aerospace Engineering
Use In Springs
Use In Electric Motor
Use In Subway cars
Use In Industrial Engineering

We at M.P. Jain Tubing Solutions LLP take extreme care that the Pre Cut Shims are manufactured as per the specifications of the customer. We are known for our high degree of accuracy and precision in a different range of sizes. We cut the manufactured Pre Cut Shims as per the required size and ensure that their quality remains without any physical damage.

Pre Cut Shims pack them either in wooden crates, clay coated cases or card board boxes ready for dispatch. We keep the welded materials coiled in wooden or steel drums of various dimensions.

Every aspect of safety is checked by our skilled professionals before shipment of Pre Cut Shims . We arrange for shipment to the major destinations all over the globe. Our wide network of logistics and supply chain management ensures that the products are delivered in right time and right condition to the customer.

We have huge experience, expertise in Metal Products and the best dedicated team to deliver best quality products delivered as well as services at the most affordable prices for All Products . We are looking ourselves as good business partners for customers and are looking forward to establish long term professional relationship. With our world class manufacturing facilities to metal products . we are able to deliver on time for all grades of different variety of metal products . Our stock house always has storage capacity for keeping lots of order from our clients. We make sure that the packaging of ordered materials is done in the best way.

M.P. Jain Tubing Solutions LLP has broader item portfolio, administration capacities and stays focused on giving astounding administration.

We will stay concentrated on enhancing the personal satisfaction for our valuable customers. Specialists can feel certain about the nature of our items and administrations and sure about our capacity to give preparing chances to new production methods.

Our dedication is to give compelling, innovative answers for the necessities of orthopedic specialists. We are the eminent Manufacturer and hug stockist of Pre Cut Shims .

For any alignment process it is required to have accurate machine adjustment. With us you can find single slot pre-cut Pre Cut Shims as per your required dimensions. We provide quality products and our shims are made up of high quality steel. Hence they can be reused again.

Our Metal Products are designed in such a way that it is easy to fit and remove. The thickness has been clearly marked on each products. They all are fully de-burred and accurately aligned.  The pre-cut ships can are shipped in packets of 10 pieces.

We provide high tolerance for both thickness and flatness within the shims in the industry. We provide over sized shim boxes so as to facilitate more shims being added to the kits. We ensure the elimination of shim stock material and reduction in alignment labor. Our shims are permanently etched with the exact thickness.

Why we are different from others in Pre Cut Shims industries for Exports and Manufacturing

With our well tested exported Pre Cut Shims of good quality, our customers never think of another brand when they came up with a bPre Cut Shims requirement. We at M.P Jain tubing solutions LLP with our team intend in only complete customer satisfaction is your best choice for Shims of any grades.

We M.P Jain tubing solution LLP with our service oriented policies demanding complete customer satisfaction have become one of the major supplier, exporter and manufacturer of the All variety of Shims in the country.

Domestic leader in manufacture and supply of Pre Cut Shims

In the World of Stainless Steel business M.P. Jain Tubing Solutions LLP is recognized to be Domestic leader in Supplier Exporter and Manufacturer of Pre Cut Shims Stainless Steel Seamless.
Company manufacture and supply Pre Cut Shims all over the world to meet the necessities of Customers.

Our Manufacturing organization has emerged for assembling Pre Cut Shims . The organization takes into account the corner markets of all the developing segments such as oil and gas, refineries, petrochemicals, process commercial enterprises, power plants and water appropriation.