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We have the reputation of supplying quality Square Flanges . We deliver all our products in proper time. We have successfully exported fittings and flanges to various countries all over the globe. Customers all over the world are satisfied with excellent quality of our all products.


Square Flanges are of prime importance in industries with different applications. Mpjain offers Square Flanges in All materials Like Mild steel, Titanium steel,Stainless steel, Aluminium, Duplex steel, Nickel and Carbon steel and bronze.


Once you fit it, it goes on for years together without getting corroded. It is crack resistant and is more durable than other metals.

High temperature sustainability:

For hot water distribution, the number one choice is pipes made of brass. Steinless steel is conducive and ductile in nature i.e. it can withstand high temperatures and is fire resistant which is exactly why it is used in industries.


It is malleable in nature which means shaping; bending or moulding of Steel is a lot easier as compared to other metals.

Corrosive Resistant:

Stainless Steel is highly resistant to corrosion. It doesn’t rust which is why this metal is highly preferred.

  • use in Automotive industries
  • use in Structural Purposes
  • use in Medical
  • use in Pharmaceutical
  • use in Economizers
  • Use in Condenser
  • Use in domestic applications
  • Use in fencing
  • Use in Pulp and paper
  • Use in Offshore construction
  • Use in Food and pharmaceutical processing
  • Use in Desalination and wastewater projects
  • Use in Hose ends
  • Compression fittings

Packaging is also a crucial part and a lot of care is taken to see that it reaches the client in the right condition. For ease of loading and unloading, we pack the our flanges in a wooden pallet without fumigation. It is seaworthy, strong, waterproof and safe.

We ensure timely delivery of your order. Heavy duty cranes are used to carefully load the products on the carrier.

With so many players in the market these days it sometimes becomes difficult to choose, but our clientele and reputation speaks for itself. We are not only a popular and renowned name in the market but also a domestic leader in the supply of
Square Flanges .

Our products are tried and tested with time. They are durable and have a high resistance to corrosion. Tensile strength combined with supreme functionality and minimum maintenance is our assurance. Our products pass through rigorous tests before they are dispatched.

What actually makes us different from our rivals is our experience and state of the art in house manufacturing facilities. Our focus is on quality and this is why clients place their trust in us. We have the best technical staff who are dedicated, diligent and render quality service.

We never deal any consignment for product delivery before testing. we have some best following testing policies:-
Typical Destructive Testing

Product analysis

G48 corrosion test

Micrographic examination

Ferrite and phase count

Charpy impact test

Tensile test

non-Destructive Testing have a very importance role in metal market and also This is our primary testing before export to client.
Typical non-Destructive Testing

Dye penetrant testing ( Conducted in-house )

Ultrasonic testing

Hardness check (conducted in-house)

Ferrite check (conducted in-house)

PMI (conducted in-house)


Hot Dipped Galvanizing
• Epoxy & FBE Coating
• Electro Polish
• Draw & Expansion

The flanges are manufactured using the following raw materials:
1. Stainless steel (the main component)
2. Cast iron
3. Aluminium
4. Brass
5. Bronze
6. Plastic and some more materials
The most commonly used material is forged carbon steel. The flanges and the pipes are usually made of the same material to complement each other. All flanges are manufactured based on ASME and ASTM standards. The ASME N16.5 specifies the dimension and dimensional tolerances while the ASTM defines the quality of the materials. The quality checks of these materials are done at government approved laboratory.

Joint flanges can easily move and turn around the pipe thus facilitating the lining up of opposing flange bolt holes.

Certain systems which are easily corroded or in which erosion takes place quickly, flanges is of prime importance as it can be reused.

Our flanges are manufactured under expert supervision and are of optimum export quality. Our clients around the world vouch for our products as they are safe and are of top quality.

We support various industries like powder, ship-building, petro-chemical, oil refineries, paper mills, pharmaceutical plants, turnkey projects etc. through our manufactured products.

How are Square Flanges manufactured?

The raw materials are thoroughly inspected after which the steel is carefully cut and heated.
After his the steel is carefully forged and rolled and adequate heat treatment is given. The flange is then rolled, drilled and marked. Once the flange is marked an anti-rust coating is applied on it and the dimensions are checked.
The last round of final inspection is done before it is packed and dispatched.

Rust Prevention for Square Flanges

Flanges can also get rusted with time. Hence to ensure rust prevention, a coat of golden paint, black paint or black phosphating treatment is done.
Varnish paint or varnish anti-rust oil coating, electro-galvanizing coating is also applied to make sure that the flanges are durable for a longer period of time.

Why join hands with us?

The market demand is high for stainless steel flanges. Competitive pricing coupled with accurate dimensions and quality performance is what we at MP Jainco offer. Our team of experts develops the best in class Square Flanges . Here is why you should order from us:
1. We use quality materials during manufacture
2. We provide corrosion-free products
3. Our products have durability
4. We manufacture products with accurate dimensions as specified by the client
5. Our products is high on efficiency
Therefore choose the right partner and make your next purchase with us. We ensure excellent quality and customer support.